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It can be very hard knowing what questions to ask about how a surgical procedure is run, what procedures and processes are in place to make an anaesthetic as safe as possible for your pet, and what to look for when selecting a clinic for your fur baby to have their surgical procedure. Here we provide all of this information for you to read through. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like some additional information on anything listed here.

 About The Surgery Questions and Answers

Q. How do you make an anaesthetic safe for my pet?
A. Anaesthetic safety is a very big focus for us. In fact, it's such an important part of our core beliefs that we have dedicated an entire page to it! Please visit our Techniques to Reduce Risk page for more information. We understand that this is a very stressful topic, so please call or drop in if you have any further questions or any concerns specific to your pet.

Q. Do you use pain control for surgery patients?
A. Absolutely. We very much believe that whatever hurts us, hurts our pets as well. From this we use nothing but the best pain relief management techniques and the safest possible medications. Pain control is included in EVERY surgical procedure, and is NOT an optional extra. We use a combination pain relief therapy, which includes the use of administering pain relief BEFORE we start a surgery and cause pain. By giving this pain relief beforehand, we can actually desensitise pain receptors in the brain, which means the body cannot physically feel as much pain. Long lasting pain relief is administered after the procedure also, and the medications used depend on the patient, their surgery and their blood test results.

Q. Do you use sterile instruments?
A. Yes. Believe it or not, there is actually no regulations requiring veterinarians to use sterile instruments between patients. All of our instruments and equipment has been properly sterilized between use. We use a human-grade autoclave to ensure our instruments are nothing short of perfectly sterile.

Q. I am worried about my pet being in hospital and away from me. What measures do you take to ensure they are not stressed while in hospital?
A. Concern for your fur baby whilst they are in hospital is completely natural, and something we too experience when our own babies are in for a procedure. We take great measures to try to reduce the stress for your pet as much as absolutely possible. All pets will have a comfy bed and blanket and all cats are provided with a box in which they can hide to reduce stress and feel more secure. We utilise both Feliway and DAP, which are pheromones that help to reduce stress and anxiety, and toys are given where possible. Cats will have a litter tray, and food and water is always available if applicable to your pets needs. However, for all pets, our nurses will take time out of their hectic schedule to give all patients a kind word, a cuddle, pat and some tummy tickles. We don't want your pet to have a negative experience at the vet, and this positive contact goes a long way to reinforcing that being at the vet is not such a scary place.

Q. Will I be given progress reports on my pet?
A. Definitely. There is nothing like knowing that your fur baby is doing okay after a surgical procedure. We always call to let pet parents know how their fur kids are doing, and are always more than happy to give progress reports throughout the day to parents who call. For parents who are a little more worried, we can also send you SMS updates for no extra cost.

My other questions have to do with the anaesthetic. Give me some more information about the anaesthetic, please!