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Would you like unlimited consults throughout the year? FREE vaccinations? Twice yearly screening checks, annual blood tests and microchipping? What about 10% off food, parasite prevention and desexing? How does $250 off any dental procedure sound? It's all possible with our NEW Best For Pet program.


As fellow Pet Parents, we understand the costs of veterinary treatment. We also believe that prevention is always better than intervention. The Best For Pet program spreads the costs of veterinary bills throughout the year, in easy and affordable monthly payments.


Please do not hesitate to call us on 3865 2020 or email us at info@zillmerevet.com.au for more information regarding the Best For Pet program, or head to http://bestforpet.com.au/


Please see below for some frequently asked questions. A printable version of the Best For Pet brochure is available by clicking on this link. Additionally, the full Terms and Conditions of the Best For Pet program are available on this link.





Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How does the Best For Pet program work?

A.  A once-off initial payment of $100 is made, following by 11 monthly payments of $30. These payments give each and every benefit outlined in the Best For Pets program brochure.


Q. Is my Best For Pet Plan an Insurance Plan?

A. No. The Best For Pet program is not an insurance policy, rather it is a wellness plan designed to promote and maintain the total wellbeing of your family member.


Q. Can I really have unlimited consults at no extra cost?

A. Yes. All of your consults throughout your Best For Pet program will be carried out at no extra cost. Where applicable, one of our wonderful nurses may be able to assist you. Please note, any extra treatment that may be required at a consultation is not covered by the Best For Pet program and will require payment at the time of treatment. 


Q. What about any extra costs after consultations?

A. You will still be liable for any costs for treatments or medications outside of the inclusions of the Best For Pet program as you would if you were going for a normal health check. However, where applicable you will receive the extra 10% off.


Q. Too good to be true - What's the catch?

A. None! We genuinely believe in the welfare of your best friend. The Best For Pet program is designed to assist you in providing optimal health benefits throughout the life of your treasured pet. 


Q. Are there any exclusions? Age, breed, pre-existing conditions etc

A. No. All pets are eligible for the Best For Pets program. All pets require wellness and preventative medicine, and we will not place exclusions on any of our pets.


Q. Can I use one of my unlimited consults on another pet?

A. Unfortunately not. Each pet will require their own Best For Pet plan to be eligible for the benefits of the program. 

Q. Can I use my Healthcare Plan at another vet?

A. The Best For Pet program is eligible at any of the NVC clinics. This is handy if you move or are on holidays. For a list of participating clinics please go to http://nvcltd.com.au/Locations/