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Dental Month - August 2013


'Discover the Hidden Disease!'


August 2013 was National Pet Dental Health Month, and to celebrate we partook on a safari adventure to ?Discover the Hidden Disease.?


Dental disease affects approximately 85% of all cats and dogs. This disease often goes unnoticed, and our furry friends may not show signs of pain. What we cannot see from an external examination is the effect of dental disease internally. The disease affects their liver, kidneys, heart and brain, and has been linked to many serious medical conditions in humans.


In order to raise awareness, we held a free Dental Check Day, where we examined our pets teeth for signs of this disease. Pets were rewarded for smiling for the dentist with treats and goodie bags, and we had a sausage sizzle for our two legged friends!


Throughout the month we dressed up in our safari khaki?s while we hunted this disease! And just to really get into the spirit, we transformed the clinic into a jungle, with interactive displayed, images and case studies. Here are some of our images below: