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Our Dietary Councelling + Zillmere Fat Zappers

Nutrition is a very important part of animal wellness. A premium quality diet means healthier skin and coat, healthier internal organs and best of all, smaller stools! Studies have shown that animals fed a premium quality food from birth can live up to 22 months longer. That's quite a difference! Here at Zillmere Vet Surgery, we strongly believe in the benefits of a premium quality diet, and all of our nurses are Hill's Nutritional Advocates. We provide continuous dietary advice, throughout all of your pets lifestages, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance and performance.

At Zillmere Vet Surgery, we realise that winter often leads to a little bit of extra insulation, and as a result we run a weightloss club called the Zillmere Fat Zappers. The aim of the game is to help our well-insulated friends become healthier and fitter pets. We start by constructing a suitable weightloss plan specific for you and your pet, and then offer continuous support with fortnightly weigh-ins. Best of all, this program is

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