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Puppy Preschool

Sadly we will no longer be running puppy school classes here at the clinic in 2016. We love our puppy school, but in the best interest of our clients and puppies we have to put a hold on them due to a lack of floor space to run a class with enough puppies to be of benefit to their socialisation needs.
We may look into re-starting classes in the future so watch this space. In the meantime if you are looking for a reputable class for your pup please call the clinic on 38652020 for our recommendations. Sincere apologies, the Zillmere Vet Surgery team.


Set your puppy up for success! Puppy Preschool provides the tools you need to help your puppy learn how to be a happy and well-adjusted member of your household. Puppies learn best between 8 and 18 weeks of age, and it is essential that during this period they receive the right kind of guidance and instruction.

As well as socialisation with other puppies and people, your pup will learn basic canine good manners. Information covered includes basic commands such as sit, stay and drop, crate training, leash walking, house training and biting. 

Our puppy school leaders will also discuss appropriate toys and games for you to enjoy with your puppy and improve their development. Most importantly, your pup will have FUN!

Puppy preschool runs on Wednesday evenings for 4 lessons. Please phone on 3865 2020 for more information.