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In Memoriam

A tribute to those pets who no longer share our lives.

If you would like to email us a photo of your pet and some words celebrating their life we will add them to our Memorial Album. Email to zillvets@pacific.net.au Space limits us to 50 - 60 words.

"Dribbles" 1991 - 2005

Much loved companion to Desley and Tiger.

"Monty" 1995 - 2006

In memory of our wonderful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel....Monty...who left us on 30 October 2006.

"Suzie" 1996 - 2007

"Goodbye dear old Suzie, you took pieces of our hearts with you,we'll never forget you and Nelson misses you too"

Barney Rubble 1985 - 2007

Barney Rubble remembering the days of his youth. Greatly missed and always remembered.


A feisty feline who was much loved in his short life.

"Cadbury" 1997 - 2008

Cadbury, our little girl, who will always be with us. 19/5/1997 - 3/7/2008

"Hamish" 1998-2008

Wendy's beautiful Hamish. 14/9/98 - 2/10/08

'Chelsey' 1996 - 2008

You may have left our lives, but your paw prints will forever be on our hearts

'Tom' 2002 - 2007

We will never forget you Tommy Tom, everyday you are in our thoughts!